The Top 10 Most Collectible Baseball Players Of The 1990s

Griffey One Of One Masterpiece

1990s sports card collector Zanoo23_sportscards on Instagram recently conducted a vote on the most collectible baseball players of the 90s. Here are the final top 10 rankings of that vote: Ken Griffey Jr. Derek Jeter Barry Bonds Frank Thomas Cal Ripken Jr. Tony Gwynn Pedro Martinez Mark McGwire Randy Johnson Chipper Jones What does “collectible”…

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The First True One-Of-One (1/1) Parallel Sports Cards

First Basketball One Of One Cards

On Oct 12, 1997 Fleer released their Masterpiece cards in Flair Showcase Baseball. The first ever “true” one-of-one parallel baseball cards. 1997 was also the first year 1-of-1 basketball cards and football cards as well. The 1/1 concept was so successful that a variety of one-of-one iterations for inserts and parallels have been a sports…

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