My Opinion On SGC After Grading 100+ Cards With Them AND A 13 Card Mickey Mantle SGC Grading Reveal. Low Pop, High Grade & Lesser-Known Mantle Cards!

Vintage Sports Cards Podcast

My opinion on SGC Grading after submitting 100+ cards over the last 6 months. In this video I look at 13 Mickey Mantle cards I recently received back from SGC. Some of these cards have EXTREMELY low high-grade populations. What do you think the long-term market looks like for post-playing days & oddball Mickey Mantle…

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AnyLot Sports Card Podcast

Barak Edut has spent the last 10 years in the tech world building digital products that shape the Art and Collectibles market. As part of the Artbrain team, Barak serves as the head of, an AI recommendation engine dedicated to the sports card market. Links:

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