July 2022 Splendid 77 Vintage Sports Card Index Update

This index contains 77 of the most popular, blue chip vintage sports cards, in grades that are transacted fairly often. PSA graded cards were used because they have the highest populations and sales frequency currently. This index consists of 44 baseball cards, 17 basketball cards, 12 football cards and 4 hockey cards. The cards range…

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The Rarest Mickey Mantle Card – 1961 Topps Dice Game Card

The Rarest Mickey Mantle Topps Card

There’s no question that the 1952 Topps is Mickey Mantle’s most popular card and in my view the most famous sports card in history…but it’s not Mantle’s rarest Topps playing-days card. That title goes to a very mysterious and almost mythical card. Watch below:

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