2020-2021 NBA “Splendid 5”

Sports Podcast

The “Splendid 5” at the end of every NBA regular season are the 5 best players with these 2 qualifiers: Player’s team must have .500 or better season record. Player must have played in 70% or more of team’s games. The “Splendid 5” for the 2020-2021 NBA regular season are: Nikola Jokić Joel Embiid Giannis…

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The Best Damn 1981 Topps Larry Bird Card There Ever Was

This is the finest example of #LarryBird’s 1981 Topps entry we’ve seen and it’s a card on the rise. It joins a new collection tonight, click below to make it yourshttps://t.co/aYOMgQW43L pic.twitter.com/RlhLhckD4N — Heritage Auctions Sports (@Heritage_Sport) May 6, 2021

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