Barry Sanders 1998 Metal Universe PMG Gem Master 1/1 Card Sets New Record

If there was any doubt that the Precious Metal Gems cards of the late 1990’s are currently the most coveted parallel in the sports card hobby, this recent sale of a Barry Sanders 1998 Metal Universe PMG Gem Master 1/1 for $168,000 should put that doubt to bed. The sale at PWCC on April 18, 2024 set a new record for the highest public sale of a Barry Sanders card and also any 1990’s football card. Here is the card below:

Barry Sanders 1998 Gem Master PMG Card

A “Perfect Storm” Card

What factors led to this particular card setting these records? For one, Barry Sanders is one of the most collected football player and this is his best card. His 1989 Score rookie card is an iconic card, but was mass produced during the Junk Wax Era, which brings the price of it down significantly. But most importantly, this record-breaking card is in the PMG family and is a 1/1 from the dawn of the era of when the 1/1 card began. The ultimate brand and the ultimate rarity in one card.

Read more about the history of the PMG cards here.

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