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Talking Tom Brady Graded Cards From Every Season Part 2 (2011-2020) With Bowman1951

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Sell 1 Keep 1 – DREAM Mantle & Mays Vintage Baseball Card

The 1962 Topps Managers’ Dream featuring Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays (& others) is one of my all-time favorite vintage baseball cards. I happen to have 2 copies, a PSA 7 & a PSA 8, and have decided to sell ONE of them. Which one would YOU keep?

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Selling 2 Tom Brady Rookie Cards To Buy 1! Good Or Bad Move?

I just made one of the biggest sports card purchases of my life for my Tom Brady Personal Collection. To get it, I have to sell 2 GEM MINT Brady Rookie Cards. Do you think this is a good or bad long term investment? Please leave your opinion in the video below.

Mattingly Game-Used Bat Card Winner Announced, How To Enter NEW Giveaway & Panini Rant!

The winner of the Don Mattingly game-used bat card is announced. How to enter to win a game-used bat card of an even greater hitter & a rant about Panini “patch” cards.

The REAL PMG! Babe Ruth Precious Metal Gold Baseball Card! Thank You Cage From Luka Nation

It’s been said many times that sports cards have no intrinsic value because they’re made of cardboard. Well, not THIS card! Check it out:

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My Opinion On SGC After Grading 100+ Cards With Them AND A 13 Card Mickey Mantle SGC Grading Reveal. Low Pop, High Grade & Lesser-Known Mantle Cards!

My opinion on SGC Grading after submitting 100+ cards over the last 6 months. In this video I look at 13 Mickey Mantle cards I recently received back from SGC. Some of these cards have EXTREMELY low high-grade populations. What do you think the long-term market looks like for post-playing days & oddball Mickey Mantle…

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These 2 Larry Bird Cards Spent 30 Years In A BINDER & Graded GEM MINT!

I pulled these 2 Larry Bird cards from packs 30 years ago and they’ve been in a plastic sheet binder ever since. I recently sent them in for grading. Check out the results and let me know what you think.

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Showcasing Tom Brady Graded Cards From Every Year! Part 1 (2010-2000)

In part 1, Adam from Splendid Sports joins Jeff from Bowman1951’s Sports Card Adventures to Showcase their Tom Brady slabs from 2010-2000. Gold Parallels, Black Labels, Rare Rookies, Game-Worn Patches, Low Pop Inserts, Serial-Numbered Cards, Iconic Brands of the past & more! WATCH ⬇️

Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

Why Are Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards So Expensive?

He’s The King Of The Sports Card Hobby…But WHY? At the time of writing this I’m a 40 year old guy who’s been collecting Mickey Mantle baseball cards on and off since 1986. Mantle retired from baseball 12 years before I was even born yet he’s always been my favorite player to collect. To that…

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A Brand & New FREE Tool Designed To Solve A BIG Problem For Sports Card Buyers & Sellers –

Barak Edut has spent the last 10 years in the tech world building digital products that shape the Art and Collectibles market. As part of the Artbrain team, Barak serves as the head of, an AI recommendation engine dedicated to the sports card market. Links:

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“It’s Like The Last 12 Months Never Happened!” – RC From Sports Card Sellers Inc.

I talk with RC, of Sports Card Sellers, Inc. about how most of the sports cards he’s tracking are roughly the same price now as they were a year ago. It’s like the last year never happened. Why did this happen? What does the short term and long term future hold for sports card prices?…

JT TripleCrown24 Sports Cards Podcast

JT From TripleCrown24 Sports Cards

I’m joined by JT from TripleCrown24 Sports Cards to talk about being self-employed in the sports card industry, what his business specializes in now, how that could change in the future, would he ever consider working for somebody else? And MORE! Link to scientific study “Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress” –…

Card Crusade Sports Cards Breaking Podcast

How Card Crusade Is Revolutionizing The Sports Cards Group Breaking Experience

The guys from Card Crusade started as a group of 3 kids that grew up together with a passion for the sports card hobby. As they became more involved in the collecting community, they realized finding a break was difficult and involved unnecessary steps. As the hobby grew over the last few years, the ability…

MySlabs Ken Rodgers Sports Cards Podcast

A Conversation With CEO Ken Rodgers CEO Ken Rodgers joins to discuss: What’s next for What are the most common requests from MySlabs users? Is sports card collecting here to stay for good this time? And MORE!

Bowman 1951 Sports Card Adventures

A Conversation With Bowman 1951’s Sports Card Adventures

Adam from Splendid Sports talks with Jeff from Bowman 1951’s Sports Card Adventures about building an all-time baseball card set, super-collecting Tom Brady cards, playing the long game with SGC graded cards, creating The Best Flippin Card Show & MORE!