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Mickey Mantle Card Pickups From DoubleD Vintage Baseball Cards & Splendid 77 Vintage Card Index Update

Vintage Sports Card Index July 2022

July 2022 Splendid 77 Vintage Sports Card Index Update

This index contains 77 of the most popular, blue chip vintage sports cards, in grades that are transacted fairly often. PSA graded cards were used because they have the highest populations and sales frequency currently. This index consists of 44 baseball cards, 17 basketball cards, 12 football cards and 4 hockey cards. The cards range…

Vintage Sports Card Prices

Will Vintage Sports Card Prices Keep Going Up FOREVER?

I’m joined by Ed, a Toronto Blue Jays fan and Willie Mays collector, to discuss what we think vintage baseball card prices will look like 20-30 years into the future.

Graded Sports Cards

The Golden Era Of Sports Card Grading. The Big Moves PSA, SGC, Beckett & CSG Should Make NOW!

Why I think we’re entering the BEST time to be a graded sports card hobbyist RIGHT NOW. Do you agree? Also what I see as the biggest advantages of each of the 4 major card grading companies (PSA, SGC, BGS & CSG) AND the big moves I think each one should now make.

The Rarest Mickey Mantle Topps Card

The Rarest Mickey Mantle Card – 1961 Topps Dice Game Card

There’s no question that the 1952 Topps is Mickey Mantle’s most popular card and in my view the most famous sports card in history…but it’s not Mantle’s rarest Topps playing-days card. That title goes to a very mysterious and almost mythical card. Watch below:

Vintage Baseball Card Podcast

Vintage Baseball Card “Eye Appeal” – What Does It Mean?

These PSA Graded Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial & Ted Williams vintage baseball cards all have great eye appeal to me. What does eye appeal for vintage sports cards mean to you? Are the card grading companies getting it wrong? Does the “grade” even matter?

Vintage Sports Card Index Splendid 77

The “Splendid 77” Vintage Sports Card Index Powered By Card Ladder Data

Are Vintage Sports Cards A Good “Investment” Moving Forward? Let’s Find Out! 

Talking Tom Brady Graded Cards From Every Season Part 2 (2011-2020) With Bowman1951

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Sell 1 Keep 1 – DREAM Mantle & Mays Vintage Baseball Card

The 1962 Topps Managers’ Dream featuring Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays (& others) is one of my all-time favorite vintage baseball cards. I happen to have 2 copies, a PSA 7 & a PSA 8, and have decided to sell ONE of them. Which one would YOU keep?

Football Card Podcast

Selling 2 Tom Brady Rookie Cards To Buy 1! Good Or Bad Move?

I just made one of the biggest sports card purchases of my life for my Tom Brady Personal Collection. To get it, I have to sell 2 GEM MINT Brady Rookie Cards. Do you think this is a good or bad long term investment? Please leave your opinion in the video below.

Mattingly Game-Used Bat Card Winner Announced, How To Enter NEW Giveaway & Panini Rant!

The winner of the Don Mattingly game-used bat card is announced. How to enter to win a game-used bat card of an even greater hitter & a rant about Panini “patch” cards.

The REAL PMG! Babe Ruth Precious Metal Gold Baseball Card! Thank You Cage From Luka Nation

It’s been said many times that sports cards have no intrinsic value because they’re made of cardboard. Well, not THIS card! Check it out:

Vintage Sports Cards Podcast

My Opinion On SGC After Grading 100+ Cards With Them AND A 13 Card Mickey Mantle SGC Grading Reveal. Low Pop, High Grade & Lesser-Known Mantle Cards!

My opinion on SGC Grading after submitting 100+ cards over the last 6 months. In this video I look at 13 Mickey Mantle cards I recently received back from SGC. Some of these cards have EXTREMELY low high-grade populations. What do you think the long-term market looks like for post-playing days & oddball Mickey Mantle…

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These 2 Larry Bird Cards Spent 30 Years In A BINDER & Graded GEM MINT!

I pulled these 2 Larry Bird cards from packs 30 years ago and they’ve been in a plastic sheet binder ever since. I recently sent them in for grading. Check out the results and let me know what you think.

Football Card Podcast

Showcasing Tom Brady Graded Cards From Every Year! Part 1 (2010-2000)

In part 1, Adam from Splendid Sports joins Jeff from Bowman1951’s Sports Card Adventures to Showcase their Tom Brady slabs from 2010-2000. Gold Parallels, Black Labels, Rare Rookies, Game-Worn Patches, Low Pop Inserts, Serial-Numbered Cards, Iconic Brands of the past & more! WATCH ⬇️