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Bowman 1951 Sports Card Adventures

A Conversation With Bowman 1951’s Sports Card Adventures

Adam from Splendid Sports talks with Jeff from Bowman 1951’s Sports Card Adventures about building an all-time baseball card set, super-collecting Tom Brady cards, playing the long game with SGC graded cards, creating The Best Flippin Card Show & MORE!

Jesse Craig PWCC Sports Cards

Jesse Craig Of PWCC On Buying & Selling Sports Cards On The PWCC Marketplace

Jesse Craig Of PWCC On Buying & Selling Sports Cards On The PWCC Marketplace: Listen To The Splendid Sports Podcast on Spotify – Listen To The Splendid Sports Podcast on Apple – Listen To The Splendid Sports Podcast on Google – Follow Splendid Sports on Twitter –

Hive Cards Cover For Sports Card Podcast Episode

Billy McCrae Of Hive Cards On Using Twitter To Buy & Sell Sports Cards

Billy McCrae Of Hive Cards on the benefits and advantages of selling and buying sports cards on Twitter over Ebay. Follow Hive Cards on Twitter – Follow Hive Cards on Instagram – Listen To The Splendid Sports Podcast on Spotify – Listen To The Splendid Sports Podcast on Apple – Listen…

Sports Betting Podcast

You MUST Do This To Be Successful Betting Football This Season

“Winners and losers have the same goals. If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.” -James Clear, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones In honor of a new NFL season starting this week I’d like to wish all of…

Splendid Sports Queen Creek, AZ Sports Card Shop Podcast

A Conversation With Kyle Rino Of The Monster Card Shop: Opening A New Type Of Sports Card Shop!

A Conversation With Kyle Rino Of The Monster Card Shop: Opening A New Type Of Sports Card Shop in Queen Creek, Arizona! Kyle runs a large and successful breaking company, Monster Breaks, and is now building a new sports card shop in Queen Creek, AZ. Listen to how he plans on making this a sports…

Breakout Sports Cards Podcast Ryan Nolan

A Conversation With Ryan Nolan Of Breakout Sports Cards. Is There A Vintage Sports Card Boom Coming?

Adam from Splendid Sports and Ryan from Breakout Cards discuss an upcoming vintage sports card boom and the reasons behind it. Problems with the modern sports card market and the shift that many young sports card investors and collectors may be making in the near future.

Wade Boggs PSA 10 1983 Topps Rookie Card

More Wade Boggs, Less Ks – What MLB Needs To Be Entertaining Again

I will keep this post short and sweet, which is the opposite of most Major League Baseball games these days. I used to love watching MLB baseball. I grew up watching almost every Red Sox game from the mid 80’s on until a few years ago. Now I barely watch any baseball. Many of the…

Shaq Rookie Sports Cards

What We Can Learn About Zion & Luka Cards From…Shaq?

During a podcast I did recently with Ryan Nolan of Breakout Cards, Ryan brought something up that really stuck in my brain and sent me searching for some data on CardLadder. He mentioned how the card populations of modern players like Zion Williamson are much higher than the rookie cards of Shaq. I was well…

Paul Pierce The Truth

No Hobby Respect For “The Truth”. Beware Of The “Paul Pierce Zone” When Sports Card Investing

To be fully transparent I am a lifelong Boston Celtics fan and proud owner of this card:     With that being said, I was doing some research yesterday on CardLadder and man, Paul “The Truth” Pierce does not get much love from the sports card hobby! Check this out:     So CardLadder values…

Sports Card Market Tide Level Splendid Sports

Introducing The Sports Card Market Tide Level

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” You’ve heard that before and it applies to the sports card market too. Perhaps you’re a busy person and you don’t have the time to follow every twist and turn in the sports card market, but you do want to know if it’s possibly a good time to buy…

Basketball Cards Podcast

A Conversation With Brent About Selling His 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Sports Card

Brent pulled the most iconic basketball card of all-time straight out of a 1986 Fleer pack many, many years ago. He had it graded by Beckett 20 years ago and now he has questions. Should he submit it to PSA? What’s it worth? What’s the best way to sell it? Listen below:

Signatures For Soliders Tim Virgilio

A Story You Should Know – Tim Virgilio & Signatures For Soldiers

In November 2014, Tim Virgilio decided to combine his hobby of autograph collecting with his passion for supporting Military Missions In Action (MMIA). His original goal was to raise $500. Wait until you hear how much he’s raised since then. Links: Forbes Article – Signatures For Soldiers / MMIA – Follow / Support…

Sports Cards Podcast

Selling An Iconic Larry Bird Sports Card At Heritage Auctions – A Review

I had never sold a sports card until May 2021 and had only been a buyer & collector for 30 years. My first experience selling was with Heritage Auctions – A 1981 Topps PSA 10 Larry Bird card. Heritage called it “The finest example of Larry Bird’s 1981 Topps entry we’ve seen”. Listen Here –…

Sports Betting Podcast

A Sure-Fire Path To Losing Your Sports Betting Bankroll

Free money or dumb money? Great poll results here on guy who put $420K on Nets ⬇️⬇️ — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) May 24, 2021

Sports Podcast

2020-2021 NBA “Splendid 5”

The “Splendid 5” at the end of every NBA regular season are the 5 best players with these 2 qualifiers: Player’s team must have .500 or better season record. Player must have played in 70% or more of team’s games. The “Splendid 5” for the 2020-2021 NBA regular season are: Nikola Jokić Joel Embiid Giannis…