Introducing The Sports Card Market Tide Level

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

You’ve heard that before and it applies to the sports card market too. Perhaps you’re a busy person and you don’t have the time to follow every twist and turn in the sports card market, but you do want to know if it’s possibly a good time to buy or sell sports cards. Here’s a useful tool: The Sports Card Market Tide Level, From Splendid Sports.

It’s not an exact science and there will always be outliers, but in general, as the overall sports card market (Tide) goes up and down the prices of individual cards mirror that rise and fall. We have developed a formula to gage the current Tide Level on a 1-10 scale for sports card prices and interest in sports cards in general. As you will see, sometimes prices and interest align and sometimes (like currently) there is a discrepancy, as different factors affect prices vs. interest level (although interest level does play a big role in prices):


August 2021 Sports Card Market Tide Level:

Prices – 6
Interest – 10

Some may say this is a buying opportunity when the interest level in sports cards is at an all-time high (10) and prices are at a lower level (6).


To put this in perspective, prices in February 2021 were at an all-time high:

February 2021 Sports Card Market Tide Level:

Prices – 10
Interest – 7


To help further here is 2 years ago:

August 2019 Sports Card Market Tide Level:

Prices – 3
Interest – 3


And we go back as far as August 2010:

August 2010 Sports Card Market Tide Level:

Prices – 1
Interest – 1


We will be updating the current Tide Level for both prices and interest on a quarterly basis moving forward and perhaps more frequently as time goes on. Make sure to Follow Splendid Sports on Twitter and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date.

Lastly, while our formula looks at many different factors to gage prices and interest, the rating is meant to be a broad representation of the overall market. There will always be individual player performances and news that affect that player’s cards differently.