My Favorite Sports Card Podcasts – The “Splendid 5”

With the sports cards hobby having a massive resurgence in popularity over the last few years there’s now an abundance of sports card podcasts to choose from. Heck, I even started my own in May of 2021 called The Splendid Sports Podcast. But even months before that, I was a listener of other podcasts and have been ever since.

Being a sports card collector for 30+ years, I’ve learned quite a bit, and have been pleasantly entertained by many of the sports card podcasts out there. Like many sports card hobbyists, I don’t get the chance to interact with other collectors very often, so podcasts are a way for me to hear the opinions of other like-minded hobbyists on the things that I think about myself.

While I do listen to and enjoy many, the purpose here is to give you my current top 5 sports card podcasts. Let’s call them the “Splendid 5”. Before I give them though, I want to preface that I primarily collect baseball, basketball and football cards, with my favorite being vintage cards. Now that you know what my interests are biased towards in the hobby here they are:


Best Vintage Sports Card Podcast1. Golden Age of Cardboard | A vintage sports card podcast – Mike Moynihan

If you love vintage baseball cards like I do then this is the podcast for you. I consider the host, Mike Moynihan, to be the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) when it comes to producing online content of vintage sports cards. This is generally a 1-episode per week podcast and I rarely miss an episode.

Link To Apple Podcast –

Best Sports Card Podcast2. Dr. James Beckett: Sports Card Insights

Perhaps no sports card podcast is more properly named (Insights). If you’re looking to increase your knowledge about the hobby then why wouldn’t you listen to a true legend in the industry? Dr. Beckett created the Beckett Price Guides and Beckett Media. He’s now retired and puts out 5 episodes a week that are no more than 15 minutes each. This is the first sports card podcast I started listening to when I discovered that they were actually a thing. I’ve really learned a lot from it and greatly respect Dr. Beckett’s views and opinions that he shares.

Link To Apple Podcast –

Best Sports Cards Podcasts3. Sports Cards Nonsense

A  podcast featuring Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson that’s about sports card news, the sports card market and how to make money with the hobby. These guys have great chemistry and are very entertaining. I’ve been a consumer of Bill Simmons content for many years and I discovered this one through him since his company, The Ringer, puts it out. They put out about 2 episodes per week.

Link To Apple Podcast –

Best Sports Card Podcast4. Lukas and Tigers and Brons OH MY!!!

Another dynamic duo with great team chemistry. These guys put out an episode almost everyday! While I’m not able to catch every episode I do try to listen as much as I can because they give out some great “plays”. They work hard to put out content that adds hobby-value for their listeners.

Link To Apple Podcast –

Best Sports Cards Podcast5. ON THE FLY with MIKE & TY – Sports Cards from the hip! Ty Wilson & Mike Moynihan

A weekly sports card show from the guys at Bench Clear Media. Yes, Mike Moynihan made the list twice but I did say I’m a vintage guy. These guys make a great team because they tend to focus on different areas of the sports card hobby from each other. Mike’s a big vintage baseball collector / buyer and Ty focuses more on modern cards, additional sports like football & basketball and selling cards.

Link To Apple Podcast –

Alright, because the list was only 5, here’s a handful more I listen to when I can: Sports Card Investor, Sports Card Nation, Stacking Slabs & Sports Card Psychology w/ TripleCrown24.

Finally, here’s what I recommend you do – try them ALL, including mine, and decide for yourself which sports cards podcasts click with your particular hobby interests. Enjoy!

And keep an eye out for my favorite YouTube sports card channels coming soon.